The Trench Rescue


It is a pity to have this brand new camel cotton twill fabric with back panel being cut. The back panel is replaced by a flare lace panel from back and side of a lace cape.  Lace is also in cotton.  Click this link to see the story behind this Trench Rescue.


Last week, I went to one of the garment company in Hong Kong, they are about to move their office, and so need to get rid of some of the unused samples.  I found this new trench coat being cut away a portion of the fabric at back and cannot be worn, so I decided to give it a second life.

And I found this beautiful lace cape from my box of unused garment.  As being a fashion people, we may have chance run out of money but never run out of garment under table or bed!  Its never been worn and I feel that its going to be a perfect match with the cut away trench.

Its quite a soul healing process to detach the broken back panel.  Its not easy, took me more than 2 hours.  I treat this process as a cutting meditation – highly focused!

It looks nice to put the black lace on top of the camel colour trench.  I decided they should have a mingling section.  So the new back panel overlays on top at the side panels.

I tried to see effect with only the lace.  Looks good but its not practical as failed to have keep warm function.  Besides, its not easy to match with the clothes wearing underneath.

The design essence is on the lace overlay at side panel.  Without this, the lace and the camel twill fabric doesn’t look like a happy family and the slanted lace edge carries the Bee O’Deer signature!


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