Purple Koko gives a splash of positive energy out of these pandemic gloomy day, cocooning & chic

Materials – Body in full needle rib knitted cotton fabric, Collar and hem in 2×2 knitted ribs fabric


Koko is suitable for weather not so cold or hot, it is not so thick yet cocooning, big ribbed collar can wrapped your neck totally when windy. There is pockets at waist level. Watch out the jacket from the side, I especially like the slanted shape and is one of Bee O’Deer signature with shorter front and longer back length.

Order as it is HKD1790
Adjust to your measurement HKD1990
Can help you to upcycle your pre-loved garments.

Made-to-measure style means we can work out your Kimono width and length as per request and so as fabric, all made for you with love! 

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