It’s my extra large tee which been worn for several years.  Fabric from Italy and quality is so good and soft.  I love it.  Yet the gigantic size is of no appealing effect on me since last year.  Lucky that its so big, and pretty enough for me to upcycle into a pants.

Why not appealing anymore?  It is because I am getting thinner, just happened naturally.  Click here for my previous blogs about loose weight in Chinese.  And from these images, you can see the width is wider than the length lol.

uBefore the upcycling process, I try to put the pants on top of the tee, made sure fabric is enough to turn into my favourite pants.  Have to declare this pants was bought from Zara, which I prefer not to do this as of now.  This style is of deep crotch, loose fit, very comfortable and its good for me several years ago when I was not as thin as today.  Yet, fabric after a season wash turned janky.  I still kept it as I know one day I will copy it as I really love the style.  

Here is the upcycled pants.  Actually, I didn’t copy the pants but developed another one.  Instead of a side seam pants, I made it with crotch seam and without side seams.  The pants is slimmer.  So I have to develop a new paper pattern for the sake of future use.  Crotch seam made the fit better and more comfy to wear.  Its really great and good to go with almost every top, am now wearing it every alternate day due to need for washing after going out.  Believe that I will work out another piece for myself soon.  

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