Sustainable fashion is one of the global issues in recent year.  There are different interpretation either in academic area or from internet.  Knowing the way to run a sustainable business is essential or otherwise, the business will be knocked out.  But how to keep our clothing sustainable and is this relevant to our daily life?

I’ve written a blog about why fashion sustainability urgent (Don’t think you are lucky when you buy clothes with affordable price). This only brought out several key points in how fashion ruin our environment and how to affect our green supply chain.  The healing process of the environment greatly relied on commitment for improvement from all fashion tycoons.  Is this going to be a coin flipping decision in turning their fashion business environmentally sustainable or otherwise, losing the game under this difficult atmosphere.  

Then what is Sustainable Fashion?  I tried to extract the explanation of fashion sustainability out of different journals and articles, and derived into these 20 something bubbles as above diagram.  Seemed a bit messy, right?  Then I tried to categorised them from aspects of theory, technology, ecology, social and economic, and result as below diagram.  

Though there are just 2 points in social and economic aspect, but it is not an easy task to get those fashion tycoons’ commitments in improving ‘fair trade’ and ‘safe workspace’ out of this difficult political and market situation.  You may question if ecology aspect should have been included into social and economical bubble, it is up to you to look at things from different angles. If you found I’ve missed out some points in the explanation, you are welcomed to leave comments below for further discussion.  

Everyone has his/her own specialised area.  At the moment, our small business view point is to try best in keeping up with our good work in focusing upcycling and on-demand garments.  My opinion is : the most sustainable clothes is already inside our wardrobe.  I enjoy very much to visit clients’s home, assisting them in doing wardrobe weeding (or danshari to be exact).  Each time, I found lots of treasure from their wardrobe and have saved lots of different garments that are being obsoleted.  

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