Bee O’Deer is an ethical fashion brand based in Hong Kong.  From beginning to end, we want to ensure that we made our products with care and that we sustain the healing process of the environment.  When it comes to our garments, our main focus is to repurposed, reused and recycled clothing.  Every upcycling garment, every one-of-a-kind clothing that can only be made, not bought, sets you apart from everyone else!


Annette Wong  |  Escape from the glamorous fashion world and turned vegetarian, Annette refocus herself to the use of “already here” materials in fashion design and production.  Bee O’Deer then came to live and target to create fashion based on fairness, ethic and sustainability.   

With over 20 years of experiences working in the fashion industry, Annette Wong, found her passion in fashion is still dominating even though in past few years she tried to pay more attention to the image and life coach industry.

At present, Annette is a part-time lecturer in fashion design and design management, and founder of Bee O’Deer.  For students and clients alike, her approach and products are holistic: from self-awareness skills to mindfulness, clothing design to styling, and in eco-consciousness to sustainability, all the details that help people fine-tune their personal as well as professional presence to look and feel great.


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