I am not a print person and it is only tie dye pattern can persuade me to put on body. Every time when I worked on the tie process,  I can be so focused, just like doing a meditation, such a mindfully therapeutic process.  Some people may enjoy dish washing or cooking, and I feel joyful to do sewing and tie dyeing.  I don’t like ironing clothes and so I think that’s why irons usually cannot made friends with me! 

Localisation and Personalisation

Due to preparation of the next semester teaching material, I have to work on a large extent of research into the future trend of the fashion industry.  Sustainability continues to be ranked number one on the list.   Localisation and personalisation are also an important trends in fashion coming next.  Localisation because of the urge to reduce carbon footprint but why personalisation?  

Instant Gratification VS Anticipated Buying Journey

In this 21st Century, some customers are tired of globalisation and the push mode from retailers.  Instead of buying from the mass production market with the same style shirt, tee and sweater, they want something unusual to differentiate from others.  And some of the eco-conscious customers started to understand zero inventory means made-to-order and custom-made; started to switch their buying habits from enjoying the instant gratification to participating into the making process and developing the anticipated buying journey.   

Well Balance Between Technology and Nature

Though technology still play a dominant role in all of our life aspects, looking into traditions and cultures are of interest to some people and even among the younger generation.  We experienced lockdown in lots of countries at same time, resulted in empowering the Earth to undergo the self healing process.  Let’s start to think seriously in how to get a well balance between nature and technology.  

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