Still remember these words from Steven Chow’s movie?  In real world, do you wish to love with this everlasting period?  

Cost Per Wear

I requested my parents to buy this watch for me while they visited Europe and then dropped by UK afterwards when I studied there.  Cannot imagine I am still wearing this after 23 years.  As I love this very much, I estimated I wore this at least 300 days each year.  The calculation is here: 

Cost Per Wear = Total cost of the item / Number of days you’ll wear it

HKD17000/ 300days x 23years (6900days) = HKD2.46/wear

Why we need to know this “Cost Per Wear”

It was 2 years ago when I bought this Zara coat, even though I can distinguish this is what “I want” instead of what “I need”.  I still bought it as I visited the shop 3 times and still like it.  In reality, Hong Kong was not that cold during winter times in past two years and if I remember right, I only wore this for a maximum 8 times.  The calculation is:

HKD899/8 = HKD112.38/wear.  This is not a good buy, quite expensive!

Our Best Time is Here & Now

Weather turned cold these days.  However, what a pity that with COVID-19, it is not wise to wear this boucle fabric coat as this can easily trap virus, and its not eco-friendly to wash it every time after wearing.  Therefore, I decided to keep wearing my trench coat when going out, its much easier to handle after wearing.  

This story told me should not think of these “maybe… or perhaps…, maybe this winter will be very cold, perhaps I can wait till a very cold winter…”.  We may have lots of excuses to justify our best buy!  With the pandemic and all the sudden changes which imposed on us to give in to our normals;  I want to say is to treasure what we have now, give up with this idea of “what if” especially when making a buying decision.  Our best time is Here & Now! 

Whatsoever, it is 6900 days to wear the watch or 8 times to wear the coat, wish that I could get wiser and make a better choice for myself.  

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