KEMP + Dominique


Its a new norm, fabric mask (Dominique) matching with long cocoon duster coat (Kemp)

Material – metallic fibre blended crispy, dry hand and crease into shape


The new norm with mask on – we turn it into fashion, a fabric mask matching with your cocoon long duster coat!

As a fashion designer, I used to travel a lot in the past to Europe and US. I love to have a long light weight cover all jacket for my long haul flight and during the busy days to just grab and go with a stylish jacket. Kemp is the long duster that I dreamt for and is a solution for me. The metallic crispy hand enables to squeeze and mould into whatever crease shape. Limited fabric left, place your order before they gone!

Order as it is – HKD2800
Adjust to your measurement – HKD3000

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