AISI + Archie


Aisi is a big shawl sleeveless wrap style, its simple cocoon shape will surprise you.   And did you ever have your garment (AISI) and fabric mask (Archie) in same printed pattern fabric? Cool!  Let’s try it!

Materials– cotton elastane with allover print from Janet Lee’s painting

Aisi after wearing, back body length can be extended from 103-113cm, depends on effect that you wish to achieve. It is good for women with bust up to 102cm/40".

Print pattern of Aisi and Archie came from an original painting of an epileptic and intellectually challenged artist in Malaysia. Featuring Janet Lee's Painting "Dawn" from her Time of the Day series and Collection, for every piece of garment sold, Janet will donate 10% of her profit to Rumah Sayangan in Malaysia, the children home. I especially love the flowing effect of Aisi, fabric is fine and thin in cotton elastane, suitable for hot weather region.

Archie mask is designed with a nose wire slot and filter compartment, simply treat it as a medical mask cover to prolong its life and help to enhance healing process of the environment.

Disclaimer : Archie fabric mask does not provide 100% protection against COVID-19. We advise users to insert filter materials you can get hold of.  Pattern for each fabric mask is different due to manual cutting.


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