Pleats Dress + Pants Upcycled


A lovely uneven hem dress with high slits.  Bee O’Deer signature again, watch out for the side silhouette.  A fitted shoulder and bust and then accentuate to a subtle A-line shape with the added side panels (which is originally panels of the pants)

Material – Polyester, it has to be polyester as otherwise cannot sustain the hard press permanent pin pleats. Okay, promised not to buy polyester anymore, but since it is there already, might as well make a good utilisation of them. 

Originally was a pleats dress and pants, I thought I love them perhaps for the colour - purple makes me energetic. After brought back home, I found this is absolutely not mine!  I love free flowing garment instead of figure hugging.  I love black allover but not purple allover.  That’s too much for me.  This is because I am Water and not Fire.  A Fire person with Water influence would love this!

The pants are torn into 2 pieces and treated as additional side panels.  I made it diagonal instead of straight to add aesthetic details.  

Last 2 images are the original figure hugging dress and straight pants.   


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