Its kind of boring to wear this “boyfriend shirt” for years, but still love its dip dye print effect.

And its been stained yellow at shoulder yoke inside.

It is a DKNY shirt and so worth to upcycle it. (Its a woman shirt)


Main focus of this shirt is on the dip dye effect print and so I turn it upside down to turn bottom focus to shoulder area.

I made this shoulder an overlapping petal-like seam to preserve the original curved side hem at this new armhole top.

Love this diamond-like neckline effect, I didn’t touch on anything with this natural fall triangles.  Edging the shirt hem curved side effect and even make it shorter front longer back .  The only drawback is the buttoning, its now a men’s shirt button side, but if you really take your boyfriend’s or Daddy’s shirt to upcycle in this idea, this drawback is  advantage of your new version!

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