1st life of this dress

Friend asked me why there were so many garments being cut at the back.  As a fashion insider, I have to confess this kind of action in ruining lots of nice garments out of my 20+  fashion work life.  As designer and product developer, we have to go all around the world often, in search of good reference garment samples.  And if there is enough budget, we often buy the garment, either as style or fabric references.  If the fabric is nice and worth to develop, we will cut out fabric swatches and send over to different fabric suppliers to source for it.  This is the general process during the development stage. And is reason why I have these ruined samples.  And purpose of their 1st life is completed. 

Why there were marked lines on these garments?  When garment is taken as reference samples, to save time, we would directly mark all the necessary lines on garment so as to enhance better communication with manufacturers for product improvement or better fitting purpose.  Recently I have a good tools to erase all these markers’ mark – the “Turbo Cleaner”, the producer claimed it is eco-friendly, and it performs very well indeed. 

2nd life of this dress

This is actually not really an upcycling dress, but just an alteration to cut it short, plus a cleaning process of the markers’ marks.  I found this beautiful and here is its 2nd life, hope you will like it and bring it home. 

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