Pisa 1 + Charlie (for free)

Original price was: $1,900.00.Current price is: $760.00.

An unisex fisherman pants in allover printed fabric 

Fabric – cotton elastane in allover print with Janet Lee’s painting

Yes, its a development sample and fall into sample sale category.  Its a high end version fishermen pants and so we decided not to carry on as price is not marketable.  When you buy this, you will receive also our fabric mask Charlie for free and also contribute to support our donation plan.

Love wearing the fisherman pants for yoga.  Advantage of fisherman pants are free size, rooms for movement, and it is fun to play around for designer. Mind the details - its only one vertical seam at centre back, legs are narrower than the traditional fisherman pants style to make it more wearable as casual pants.

Print pattern came from an original painting of an epileptic and intellectually challenged artist in Malaysia. Featuring Janet Lee's Painting "Dawn" from her Time of the Day series and Collection, for every piece of garment sold, Janet will donate 10% of her profit to Rumah Sayangan in Malaysia, the children home. 

Charlie fabric mask is designed with a nose wire slot and filter compartment, simply treat it as a medical mask cover to prolong its life and help to enhance healing process of the environment.

Disclaimer : Archie fabric mask does not provide 100% protection against COVID-19. We advise users to insert filter materials you can get hold of.

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