A unisex Kimono jacket, good to go with your basic, not very loose outfit. Can choose with a wide range of fabrics

Material – you can choose your own fabric when placing order


A great made-to-measure style – suitable for both men and women. Kino style can ordered with double side or single side. Why a single side style – you can choose thin fabric for your hot weather days, loose fit so that girl can wear his boy friend’s kimono. Can order Kino together with Kino vest if cold weather comes. Made-to-measure style means we can work out your Kimono width and length as per request and so as fabric, all made for you with love!

Garment as shown in pictures is made of double sides fabric, it is a single-layered Kino!

Order as it is HKD990
Adjust to your measurement HKD1190
Some expensive fabric may be costly HKD1390
Can help you to upcycle your pre-loved garments.
Message me for fabric choices.

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