May I introduce my long term working partners with you.  The one on the left with wider blade is fabric scissors which is from Japan Shozaburo庄三郎 which is excellent in cutting fabric.  On the right in slimmer blade is paper cutting scissors from Germany, Zwilling JA Henckels, which is professionally made to cut paper pattern, the blade gliding effect is so smooth. The blue box at the back is my sewing and garment making tool box. They are my companions which stay with me for 35 years.  

What made them so special?  Plastic quality in the past is so endurance, it performs still the same after 35 years.  The 2 scissors are for left hander and it is quite difficult for me to find them at that time.  The blade direction is just a mirror version of the right hander scissors and they help me to have every precise and smooth cut. 

Their performance are so stable and long lasting.  They are items that I will not give up in using them.  

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