I believe this is a fitting sample, as this shirt dress was being cut at left shoulder and collar.  Normally, the reason was that the collar is not long  enough and visually can be improved.  To give a cut can indicate how to elongate the collar edge.  Sleeve part at shoulder been cut proved the sleeve crown height is too short, and a cut was to show the missing fabric portion.

As sleeve fit is not good and so a cut at right sleeve is a possible solution.  I change it to a cold shoulder shirt.  Found a white colour striped shirt dress in which the back panel hem has also been cut.  Then I cut a fabric strip next to the cut hole to fill up the collar edge.

Finished with the collar and edge sewing the cold shoulders.  Its not attractive at all!  The white patch of collar seems an orphan joining into the big family.  To make it less lonely, I left it there overnight and next day got inspired.

Its inspired from the military coat epaulette, this is an extra large version with an open end and being held by a loop.  If doing the same on left shoulder, it will be too much and so a small patch is used instead.  

A balanced modification out of the imbalance details and the juxtaposition of balance and asymmetry.  This is fashion design in an upcycling path.   

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