Which of the following is the favorite gifts category you like to receive most:

Your favorite activities in your free time:

Which you think is the biggest challenge to you:

How do your friends describe your home:

When a group of people get together, you will:

My favorite time is:

How would you describe your wardrobe?

Understand Your Heart
This seems to be your essence - Thinker

Thinkers like to be alone, quiet, and creative

When you participate in group activities, you will watch from the sidelines. I don’t like to make decisions right away. I think there are many ways to solve problems. I am diversified thinking and creative. I like to follow the trend, casually and without planning. Usually likes to meditate, not talkative, love to listen and analyze the opinions of others. Enjoying the pace of your life, you will not follow the trend.

Thinkers like darker clothes, such as black and sapphire blue; abstract printing patterns match asymmetric design elements; they like elegant clothes, coupled with artistic and unique accessories. The friends around me are all contemplative and intuitive thinkers.

Can these all resonate with you? We understand that change is not easy, and I will walk with you to practice things and things that are different from daily, to make your life more interesting!

*Next... life is full of choices!

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